Where Accounting Meets the Field: Sage 300 CRE and Autodesk Build

Accounting is a critical aspect of any business. But when it comes to the complex nature of construction, accounting is a whole different beast. Along with processing payroll and managing standard accounts payable and accounts receivable, the accounting team is also tasked with a number of other tasks including tracking and processing commitment changes. Because of this, accounting and the project team rely on each other to ensure information is accurate, so the project budget stays on track.

But with both parties working from different locations and typically using disconnected software to manage cost activities, they’re faced with the time-consuming task of duplicate data entry, tedious processes, and communication bottlenecks. Information silos between these essential collaborators need to dissolve, and luckily, it can by connecting the field-facing construction management software with the back-office accounting programs. 

hh2 Cloud Services seamlessly connects accounting and the field 

Integrations between disparate systems can be complex and rife with issues that make it expensive to maintain and support. This is especially true if an integration is proprietary and not built on a robust, scalable, and proven platform. Thankfully, hh2 Cloud Services stands apart from proprietary point-to-point integrations by bringing seamless integrations between construction ERP systems and independent software developers using their Universal Construction Model (UCM). And with this, they are bringing together Sage 300 CRE and Autodesk Build

Dennis Stejskal, Director at Sage Construction & Real Estate Division NA shares, “We are excited to come together with hh2 and Autodesk to deliver an industry-leading integration between accounting and operations. We believe we can help construction teams be more successful through this partnership by increasing collaboration and data visibility between field-facing teams and accounting.”


Benefits of hh2’s Sage 300 CRE + Autodesk Build integration

Bringing the field and accounting department together at last

  • Leverage a single source of truth by removing data silos
  • Guaranteed data accuracy as the integration continually syncs information between Sage 300 CRE and Autodesk Build
  • Reduce the risk of liability issues stemming from manual processes, human error, and inaccurate data
  • Gain clear visibility into the status of items with easy access to real-time data as entered by both accounting and field teams
  • Keep processes running smoothly with increased data transparency
  • Reduce decision making time with efficient and accurate data exchange between departments
  • Enable field teams to accurately forecast with actual cost data flowing in from accounting

Learn more on October 7 at Autodesk University

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