Rapidly Connect Third-Party Apps with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Get to know the App Gallery

Construction projects are complex. This is often due to various stakeholders using different technology solutions specific to their needs. That’s normal, but this creates problems when decision-makers need to bring together countless, disconnected data points including financial information, scheduling, performance data, and more. 

As such, it’s critical that project teams tightly integrate the many moving parts of a project using a single source of truth. Achieving that lies in how easy it is to connect third-party solutions to your chosen construction platform. The goal, of course, being to make project data readily available when and where decision-makers need it. 

We have good news. The App Gallery in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) now enables Account Admins to connect ACC with various third-party applications including field management solutions, reality capture apps, AR tools, and more. Currently, the App Gallery supports over 35 different integrations with many more to come.  It also leverages the Forge open platform, letting users experience seamless data flow, so everything—and everyone—stays in sync across the entire project lifecycle. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the App Gallery offers.


App Gallery at a glance

The App Gallery enables Account Admins to:

  • Find apps that are vetted and approved by Autodesk, to guarantee that they work properly with the platform
  • Extend the capabilities of the construction platform by seamlessly connecting Autodesk Construction Cloud with various third-party applications
  • Browse and discover new or existing applications that can streamline steps and processes across the project lifecycle


Key benefits of the App Gallery

Using the App Gallery within ACC allows you and your team to connect data from otherwise disconnected sources. Here’s a look at why the App Gallery is so useful to Account Admins, and the project teams capturing, managing, and using that data.

Simplifies connections to 3rd party solutions 

The App Gallery allows teams to easily set up connections directly from within Autodesk Construction Cloud, so they can get up and running quickly. And since all connections go through a rigorous QA process, you can rest easy knowing that the apps will work perfectly with Autodesk. No more wondering whether or not data points sync. When you’re using the App Gallery, all applications will work like they’re supposed to. 

Improved data quality and collaboration

Teams leveraging these integrations also increase the quality of their data and get a more holistic view of their projects. They’re able to access the necessary information through a single source of truth, so stakeholders are all working from the same information. 

The result? Team members stay on the same page, and through smarter collaboration, project outcomes are significantly improved. 

Seamless integrations also lead to higher quality data. Teams can ensure that they’re using information that’s complete, accurate, and updated, which leads to better reporting and decision-making.

Time savings and control to users

Autodesk’s App Gallery gives you a marketplace of approved apps, so you don’t have to spend too much time researching and vetting applications. You’re able to add, open, deactivate, and uninstall apps with just a few clicks. Plus, the App Gallery is a self-service solution, which means you have control over the management of your solutions. 

Discover and shop around new integrations

The App Gallery gives you the opportunity to discover and shop around for other partner integrations that could streamline your team’s daily work. It puts more apps on your radar and opens you up to new solutions that’ll improve procedures, workflows, and project outcomes.


How the App Gallery works

Let’s say a VP of Operations wants to connect Autodesk Construction Cloud to an ERP system so they can see consolidated cost information in a single view.

To do this, they (or whoever has admin access) should simply:

  • Navigate to the App Gallery 
  • Search or browse the various apps until they find the solution they need 
  • Select the app they want to use (in this case an ERP system)
  • Click Add to Build, or add to any other Autodesk Construction Cloud software that the app integrates with
  • Click Authorize

Once these steps are complete, the VP will have connected ACC with their ERP system of choice and streamline access to data for all project teams that need it. 


Want a demo?

The App Gallery eliminates the hurdles that normally come with finding, vetting, and integrating third-party applications with Autodesk. We work closely with our partners to develop integrations that are practical in function and something team members genuinely want to use. The App Gallery enables you to seamlessly connect the apps you need via powerful integrations to Autodesk Construction Cloud products, ensuring that your data and teams stay in perfect sync. 

To learn more, request a demo or learn more about the App Gallery in our help section.

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